Laryngectomy &amp

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The Buchanan Protector, a neck worn bib, is at the same time a serious medical device designed to improve the patients breathing. This serves to provide filtration and delivers efficient heat and moisture exchange. The design and material are uniquely made for the benefit of neck breathers. Available in one size to suit most wearers. Made from 100% breathable technical 3-D polyester. Washable by gentle hand or machine wash. DUAL LAYER MICROFIBRE FILTER. The Buchanan protector bib provides essential fine filtration through its dual layer microfibre filter. It can filter airborne particles down to 2.5 microns, which is the same filtration the human nose. BREATHABLE. This product is made up of 100% breathable technical 3-D polyester fabric, intended for the wearer’s comfort. No problem for use throughout the day. SECURE FASTENING. This product is equipped with a non-adhesive tie strap and adjustors to ensure simple yet effective and secure fastening. COMFORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT. The breathable polyester non-woven design makes the product lightweight and soft, making the product comfortable to use all the time. WASHABLE. Washable by gentle hand or machine wash. Easy to clean and sanitize for hygienic purposes.