Standing Hoist Calf Support Belt

  • $169.00
Product Code: 306710

This lower leg support belt is used in standing hoists or stand-up lifters to assist patients into standing up when they aren’t capable to do so. The support belt provides stabilization by wrapping the lower legs firmly to the knee pad.

HIGH QUALITY PAD: In order to provide the utmost comfort while in use, this support belt is equipped with a high quality, soft pad inside. The pad retains its good quality shape and does not deform over long periods of use. As a transfer aid, soft-padded support is essential so that it gives comfort and distributes the pressure evenly.

COMFORTABLE: Made with a soft pad and a gentle outer material, this support belt offers premium comfort for the patient while in use. Securing the belt tightly does not leave any harsh markings on the lower legs.

ADJUSTABLE: Designed to be fastened using Velcro, this makes the support belt easy to adjust according to the patient’s size and comfort. As a transfer aid, this is relatively easy to use because of its easy to fasten and quick release features.

SECURE: This support belt is made with a heavy duty Velcro to ensure that it is secure enough to stabilize and assist the patient in standing up. The Velcro is made of high quality and does not loosen its grip over time.

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