Wheelchair Back and Seat Cushion

  • $299.00
Product Code: 114152

Enhanced Comfort: Provides a comfortable sitting experience, reducing pressure points and discomfort, especially during extended periods of sitting.

Pressure Relief: Distributes body weight evenly, alleviating pressure on sensitive areas like the lower back, tailbone, and hips, preventing the development of pressure sores.

Hygiene and Maintenance: Easy-to-clean materials with a wipeable cover maintain cleanliness and hygiene, crucial for those with limited mobility.

Versatility: Suitable not only for wheelchairs but also for use in various seating situations, such as office chairs, car seats, or other mobility aids.

Long-Term Durability: High-quality construction ensures longevity, providing consistent support over time and with regular use.

Enhanced Mobility: Users experience improved comfort, which can positively impact mobility and encourage more active participation in daily activities.

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