Breathable Heel Protectors (pair)

  • $79.99

Breathable heel protectors are unique, breathable and antibacterial, specially treated during their production with a formula to prevent foot odor and bacteria from developing.

Made in one size with an adjustable Velcro strap. Easy care, warm hand or machine wash, warm tumble dry.

Sanitized hygiene treatment creates an antibacterial environment.
Protects against skin shearing and pressure to the heel area.
Reduces development of perspiration and odor.
Soft, comfortable and light to reduce restricted movement for frail patients.
Provides adequate airflow for healing environment.
Faux sheepskin is not a natural fiber therefore is not susceptible to mold or bacteria growth.
Breathable design reduces risk of the discomfort of overheating.

PREMIUM COMFORT: The main feature of this heel protector is that it offers premium quality of comfort to users with its breathable, soft, faux sheepskin material. It does not make the feet sweat during use. Comfortable to use all day.

ANTIBACTERIAL: Another excellent quality of this product is that it is specifically treated to prevent growth of molds and bacteria to ensure user safety and prevent odor and infections.

SLEEK DESIGN: It comes in a sleek, comfortable, and stylish design, suitable to use anywhere.

FITS MOST: This is available in one size and can fit most people with its adjustable Velcro strap. It ensures secure and efficient fitting for excellent functionality and is breathable at the same time.