Wheelchair Chest Harness

  • $129.00
Product Code: 305200

This wheelchair chest harness is designed to distribute support evenly and prevent pressure while allowing freedom of movement in the shoulders.

The harness features an easy-to-use 4-point belt that distributes the weight across your body for improved balance and control. It can be placed on wheelchairs with a bar that fits between the chair's front legs, onto positioners, or sling seats.

This wheelchair chest harness is designed for confidence, support, and security for patients with limited dexterity.

4-POINT SUPPORT: The 4-Point Support Wheelchair Chest Harness provides a more comfortable seat and greater security for the wheelchair occupant.

ADJUSTABLE: The wheelchair chest harness has multiple adjustment points and is removable to aid transfers in and out of the chair

EVEN PRESSURE DISTRIBUTION: This lightweight vest-style harness distributes even pressure over your chest and abdomen, helping you to stay upright and comfortable and preventing you from sliding down in your wheelchair.

SECURE: The shoulder supports fit comfortably for improved upper extremity control and security, which can help individuals maintain their seated position in a wheelchair.

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